Episode 433 - Azure Relay Service

Episode 433 - Azure Relay Service

In this episode, Evan and Sujit take a deep dive into one of Azure's earliest but often overlooked services - the Relay Service. They explore how it works and its potential for deployment scenarios across various applications.

For those unfamiliar with the Azure Relay Service, this podcast offers a great introduction - discussing its purpose and the unique place it holds within the wider Azure environment. Evan and Sujit explore how it can fit into broader deployment strategies and what value it can add to an application.

The episode also includes links to documentation about the Relay Service, as well as some helpful sample code for those keen to try it out. Additionally, listeners can also keep up to date with other recent Azure updates and news.

Link to episode: https://open.spotify.com/episode/2jRgnUy5lCmV2HP2z6ufWZ

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Episode 433 - Azure Relay Service

In this episode, Evan and Sujit take a deep dive into the Azure Relay Service, one of the oldest but often overlooked services in Azure. They ...

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