Java, Cloud, and AI: Insights and Takeaways from Microsoft JDConf 2024

Java, Cloud, and AI: Insights and Takeaways from Microsoft JDConf 2024

A huge thank you to all the attendees, speakers, our hosts, and the Microsoft Reactor team who made Microsoft JDConf 2024 such a success! We couldn't have achieved this without the fantastic teamwork and collaboration of everyone involved.

Our 3rd annual JDConf conference, held on March 27-28, brought together a passionate community of Java developers from across the globe. Whether you joined us live or are catching up on the sessions on-demand, we're thrilled you were part of this exciting event. If you missed JDConf, no worries, you could catch all the recordings at JDConf.com and on Java at Microsoft YouTube. 


A round of applause for our amazing speakers!

The dedication and expertise of our diverse group of speakers and hosts were truly inspiring. A special shout out to all our JDConf speakers who went the extra mile to deliver their sessions live and some during what might have been late evenings or very early mornings - we know that juggling time zones and family commitments can be a challenge (especially when little ones decide to join the presentations or pets like to be copilot).

We received a high number of high-quality submissions, and due to limited live session slots, some excellent sessions had to be pre-recorded. We would like to thank all the presenters who stepped up to record their sessions. Your effort to deliver these on time and with quality highlights your strong commitment to JDConf and the Java developer community.

Their insights into the latest advancements in the Java ecosystem, including AI-driven innovation, developer tooling, and cloud technologies, will undoubtedly equip developers like yourselves to tackle the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in your professional journey.




Diving into sessions and key takeaways

JDConf offered a treasure trove of content for Java developers of all experience levels. To ensure accessibility for a global audience, the conference featured three dedicated live streams – for the Americas, Asia-Pacific, and Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Each live stream featured unique content and an impressive lineup of 20 live sessions and demos. Additionally, the technical keynote featured Julia Liuson, President of Microsoft Developer Division and GitHub, along with Josh Long from Broadcom and Mark Heckler from Microsoft.



In addition to the live sessions, attendees had the chance to delve into additional sessions available on-demand during the live event, providing a comprehensive learning experience for all participants.  


AI: Transforming the Java landscape

A consistent theme at JDConf across the sessions was the undeniable rise of AI in the Java ecosystem. Several sessions explored the vast potential of AI – how to infuse intelligence into existing Java apps, improving productivity by streamlining development and testing, elevating code quality and leveraging Generative AI to revolutionize the way Java applications are built, making them more efficient, reliable and easier to maintain.


Below are a few notable sessions you don’t want to miss.

Java and AI

Beyond AI: Learning opportunities

While AI undoubtedly took the center stage at JDConf 2024, the conference agenda offered a much broader coverage of topics and learning opportunities. Below are some of the key themes and sessions explored outside of the AI-focused sessions.


Jakarta EE

Performance and optimization

Build, test and deploy


Connecting with the global Java community

JDConf 2024 wasn’t just about the technical deep dives; it provided a valuable platform for Java community around the world to connect and exchange ideas during the virtual event but also engage in networking events in select cities.

  • Live exchanges: Attendees could engage in real-time discussions with the hosts and guest speakers through dedicated live chat on YouTube and Twitch. This interactive space allowed them to ask questions directly to our speakers and share insights with fellow Java developers from across the globe. [Saleem to add live session photos here]
  • Meetup events: To ramp up excitement for the virtual conferences, JDConf team hosted a series of in-person meetup events in Las Vegas, Berlin, Singapore, and Shanghai at the Microsoft Reactor locations around the world. These events provided an excellent opportunity for the Java community to connect, learn and share experiences with Microsoft Java cloud advocates.





  • Java cloud skills challenge: And if you haven’t yet joined the ongoing Java Cloud skills challenge, there is still time to do it. You can start developing modern Java applications in the cloud with managed compute, databases, and DevOps services. You’ll learn how to build and scale Java applications on Azure with a range of Azure services and popular Java tools and frameworks. Join us on a learning journey to skill up on Java on Azure.


Looking ahead

The energy and enthusiasm demonstrated by everyone who participated at JDConf 2024 were inspiring. The conference provided a glimpse into the exciting future of Java development, with AI poised to play a transformational role. We hope you will join us again at the next JDConf! In the meantime, don’t forget to check out the resources available on the JDConf website jdconf.com, including the on-demand session replays, presentations and all the learning resources.


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