Model-Driven applications and shared data

Model-Driven applications and shared data

Model-driven applications and shared data is an important issue that needs to be addressed when different applications operate within the same environment. At times, it's not obvious to new users, developers, or business analysts that different applications in the same environment may still be sharing data. This issue needs to be addressed quickly to avoid any complications that might arise.

It is important to understand that model-driven applications on the Dynamics 365 platform are designed with a common data model at their core. This means that different applications can share data within the same environment, providing a unified view of information across the organization.

If you're new to model-driven applications or need to refresh your knowledge, head over to the source link to learn more about how to navigate this issue and how to ensure that your applications are operating efficiently, seamlessly sharing data where needed.

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It Ain't Boring | Exploring The Power Platform
It Ain't Boring | Exploring The Power Platform

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