Tabular Editor 3: Beginner to Advanced – the Tenth New Course on Enterprise DNA’s Educational Platform in 2021

Tabular Editor 3: Beginner to Advanced – the Tenth New Course on Enterprise DNA’s Educational Platform in 2021

Enterprise DNA has released its tenth new course of 2021 on their educational platform. This course focuses on Tabular Editor 3, from beginner to advanced levels. The course aims to provide users with the tools to enhance their DAX skills through structured practice and utilizing resources like the Power BI Accelerator, eDNA Data Challenges, and forum.

While there are no shortcuts to improving one’s DAX proficiency, this course promises to help users improve by teaching best practices and providing hands-on experience. Tabular Editor 3 is a powerful software that aids in the development and maintenance of Tabular models for Excel, Power BI, and SQL Server Analysis Services.

This newest course offering joins Enterprise DNA’s expanding collection of educational tools aimed at helping users master data skills and AI. If you’re looking to improve your skills and stay up-to-date on all things data science, consider checking out Enterprise DNA’s educational platform.

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