Power Platform Virtual Happy Hour - August - Community

In this episode of the Power Platform Virtual Happy Hour, the focus is on community and the importance of building, defining, and fostering a community. The hosts engage in a lively and informative discussion covering various aspects of community building, from identifying its purpose and goals to cultivating engagement and participation.

The speakers use their experience and knowledge to provide insights on how to build a strong community, why community is important, and how to make it thrive. They share with the audience tips and tricks on creating a community that fits its intended purpose, establishing a clear structure and guidelines, and nurturing a culture of inclusiveness and collaboration.

Whether you are a community leader, a member of a community, or just interested in the topic, this episode is a valuable resource for anyone looking to learn about how to build and maintain a thriving community.

The episode is hosted by Microsoft's Community and features insightful discussions by experts in the field. You can watch the episode on YouTube using the following link:

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