Offboarding to on-premises from auto expanding archives is not supported

Offboarding to on-premises from auto expanding archives is not supported

If you have Exchange Online users with auto-expanding archives enabled and plan to move them to on-premises servers, you need to read this message. Moving such users is not supported because it is not possible to move content from auto-expanding archives and hence Microsoft will block offboarding/moving such mailboxes to on-premises. Any ongoing migrations will fail, and this is why Microsoft is putting out an early and graceful failure message to prevent any data loss. The change will roll out in mid-November 2022 and will be completed by late November 2022 (Preview), or mid-December 2022 and completed by late December 2022 (Standard Release). Make sure to read more details on the impact of enabling auto-expanding archiving in the public documentation. It's worth noting that auto-expanding archiving is supported for cloud-based archive mailboxes in an Exchange hybrid deployment but not for on-premises mailboxes in any version of Exchange Server. Message ID: MC467234

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