VBScript deprecation: Timelines and next steps

VBScript deprecation: Timelines and next steps

VBScript is being deprecated, to be replaced with JavaScript, PowerShell, and other alternatives. VBScript is a coding language that has been widely used by developers to add dynamic interactivity and functionality to web pages.   When will this happen:  Deprecation starts in the second half of 2024, in which VBScript will be available as features on demand (FODs). This will continue until sometime around 2027, at which point VBScript FODs will be disabled by default. The VBScript feature will be entirely removed from future Windows OS releases.   What you need to do to prepare:  If you have websites or applications that still run on VBScript, we recommend migrating to either PowerShell or JavaScript.   Additional information:  Creating Scripts Using Visual Basic VBScript is no longer supported in IE11 edge mode (Windows) PowerShell Documentation – PowerShell About Scripts – PowerShell Regular Expression (RegExp) Object Message ID: MC794940

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