The ABC of AI: Retrieval-Augmented-Generation (RAG) and grounding

The ABC of AI: Retrieval-Augmented-Generation (RAG)  and grounding

In this informative post, the author introduces the concept of Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) and grounding as part of the ABCs of AI. RAG is a natural language processing model that combines the strengths of both retrieval-based and generative-based models to produce more accurate and coherent responses to user queries, while grounding refers to the process of connecting and contextualizing the AI model's responses to real-world knowledge and experiences.

The post dives into the technical details of how RAG and grounding works, discussing the different techniques and algorithms used to achieve these capabilities. Additionally, the author provides examples of how these technologies are being used in real-world applications, such as in virtual assistants and chatbots.

Overall, this post offers a comprehensive overview of RAG and grounding, making it a useful resource for anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of how AI is transforming natural language processing.

To read the full post, visit the link http://jopx.blogspot.com/2024/04/the-abc-of-ai-retrieval-augmented.html

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