Michael Washington: Azure OpenAI - Episode 286

Michael Washington: Azure OpenAI - Episode 286

In this podcast episode, Michael Washington, an experienced ASP.NET and C# programmer, shares insights on process improvement, AI, and Large Language Models, with a particular focus on student information systems. Michael is also the founder of two incredible websites, AIStoryBuilders.com and BlazorHelpWebsite.com, which serve as amazing resources for empowering developers with the knowledge and tools to succeed.

The interview covers Michael's career path, the vision for his book, and what sets it apart from others, as well as details about Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) and how Michael came up with the AI Story Builders name. In addition, he also talks about dealing with AI's limitations and the importance of training models on more data to achieve better results. The discussion also emphasizes on how to make the right decision while choosing a named model to use, and Microsoft's role as a leader in this domain.

If you want to learn more about Azure OpenAI and how to use C#, this podcast episode is a must-listen. Michael's profound understanding of AI and Large Language Models, combined with his practical experience, offers a wealth of insights for anyone interested in this field.

The episode can be found on Spotify at the above-mentioned link.

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Azure DevOps Podcast
Azure DevOps Podcast

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