Moving Documents From One File Column To Another Using Power Automate

Moving Documents From One File Column To Another Using Power Automate

In this post, the author discusses how to tackle the challenge of moving files from one Dataverse file column to another using Power Automate. The author shares their experience of working on a project that required them to move files from a file column on one entity to the file column of the same name on another entity. Since there is no way to map these fields using the standard Dataverse mapping functionality, the author turned to Power Automate for a solution. However, the process presented some challenges, which the author walks through in this post.

If you're facing a similar challenge, this post can help you make the process easier and more efficient. The author's insights and experience can save you time and frustration as you work to move documents between file columns using Power Automate.

To learn more about how to overcome this issue, dive into the post by clicking the link provided below.

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