Creating .NET Functions with GitHub Copilot in Visual Studio | Tutorial

Creating .NET Functions with GitHub Copilot in Visual Studio | Tutorial

In this article and accompanying video, Gwyn demonstrates how to leverage GitHub Copilot, an AI-powered assistant, to create a new functionality within a .NET application in Visual Studio. By using Copilot, developers can benefit from faster typing speeds, although it is important to note that Copilot is simply an assistant and the generated code still requires thorough testing. In the video, Gwyn showcases an example of using Copilot to fix a case-sensitivity bug in a web API. The resulting code generated by Copilot is then verified and tested to ensure functionality. While Copilot works well with popular languages such as .NET, JavaScript, Python, and Java, performance with less common or confidential languages may be limited based on the training it has received. As with any new tool, it is advisable to try it out and see how it performs. For further information, developers can reference the Visual Studio YouTube channel and additional resources provided by Microsoft in the form of a collection.

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