MFA. On for everyone? - #257

MFA. On for everyone? - #257

In episode #257 of the podcast, Daniel Glenn gives us a heads up that MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) will be turned on for everyone. However, Darrell states that this is not the case in his tenant, leaving open the question of whether this change only applies to the US or if it will be coming to other regions as well. The short notice given to prepare for this change, which is just 12 days, is also discussed.

Besides this topic, the hosts cover other messages from Microsoft 365 Message Center including Azure AD security defaults to protect your organization. Additionally, they discuss updates to the Microsoft Whiteboard app, such as the ability to insert online videos and links/URLs.

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The podcast episode is available to listen to on Spotify via the provided link.

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365 Message Center Show
365 Message Center Show

A weekly review of the Microsoft 365 Message Center, with Daniel Glenn, Darrell Webster, and special guests. #365MCS

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