Power Platform | Tenant-level analytics

Power Platform | Tenant-level analytics

If you are a Power Platform Administrator, it's important to understand the data within your tenant in order to make informed decisions. Tenant-level analytics provides admins with valuable insights derived from Platform telemetry data, which can be used to compare and optimize environments under their management. Through the use of reports containing analytics, it is possible to gain knowledge about how many apps and flows currently exist within the tenant or environment, as well as data about unique users and app sessions.

Tenant-level analytics helps administrators to make informed decisions about their Power Platform environments by providing insights into usage patterns and behaviors. It enables admins to view reports that apply to all environments within a tenant and compare insights across different environments. By enabling this feature, admins can gain the ability to track app usage to understand which apps are most popular among their users.

Therefore, for Power Platform Administrators, Tenant-level analytics is a powerful tool that provides meaningful insights and allows for better management of user experiences across the tenant. Having access to such data is essential in making informed decisions and in working towards creating the best possible user experiences.

Learn more about Tenant-level analytics by reading this informative article on rajeevpentyala.com.

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Rajeev Pentyala – Microsoft Power Platform
Rajeev Pentyala – Microsoft Power Platform

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