Is Azure the right place to run Red Hat Enterprise Linux workloads?

Is Azure the right place to run Red Hat Enterprise Linux workloads?

Ensure peak performance, security and compatibility with Azure for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Leverage Azure Migrate to transition on-prem Linux VMs to Azure, for cloud-native or hybrid deployment. Deploy and orchestrate infrastructure with Azure Resource Manager templates, Terraform, and Ansible playbooks. Uncover cost-saving opportunities and performance optimization tools, and benefit from license portability, commitment-based discounts, and diverse compute options, including Azure Confidential Computing VMs, for enhanced scalability and efficiency. Experience flexibility with Azure, enabling RHEL workloads to run across global regions and edge locations, with Azure Arc providing centralized management and security for hybrid environments.

Join Azure expert, Matt McSpirit, as he shares why Azure is the right place to run your Red Hat Enterprise Linux workloads.



00:00 - Why run Red Hat Enterprise Linux workloads on Azure? 
01:10 - Integration
01:41 - Automated scripting or code-based options
02:09 - Beyond provisioning
02:31 - Customer support
03:07 - Efficiency- optimize your spend
04:28 - Increase performance and scalability
05:41 - Flexibility
06:26 - Update management
06:40 - Wrap Up


► Link References:

See the Forrester Consulting study at https://aka.ms/RHELTEI

For additional information check out https://aka.ms/RedHatAzure   


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