Using The Pipeline View To Manage Your Opportunities

Using The Pipeline View To Manage Your Opportunities

If you're a sales professional, you might want to explore using the Pipeline View to manage your opportunities. This view offers a dedicated space to track your pipeline and ensure you're up-to-date on every stage of the sales cycle with your various leads.

Despite its value, the Pipeline View is underutilized, even by experienced professionals. In this post, author Megan Walker walks you through the benefits of the Pipeline View and how to use it effectively.

As someone who has worked on various Microsoft products like Power Automate, Sales and Customer Service, and Portals projects, Walker understands the nuances of managing opportunities across different domains and how the Pipeline View can help.

Whether you're new to sales management or a seasoned pro, Walker's insights can help you harness the Pipeline View and streamline your sales process.

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Megan V. Walker
Megan V. Walker

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