VALUES Function in Power BI DAX | Alternative to DISTINCTCOUNT DAX (46/100)

This video tutorial explores the VALUES function in Power BI DAX and how it serves as an alternative to DISTINCTCOUNT DAX. This function is an essential tool for any Power BI user looking to gain a deeper understanding of data analysis and visualization.

The tutorial is presented in a user-friendly manner that's easy to follow and understand, making it a great resource for both seasoned data analysts and newcomers to the field. Throughout the video, you'll learn how to leverage the full potential of the VALUES function to extract insights from your data that would be hard to spot otherwise.

If you're a Power BI user looking to up your game, this tutorial is well worth your time. It is part of a series of video tutorials that cover various aspects of Power BI, so be sure to check them all out to take your data analysis skills to new heights.

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Analytics with Nags
Analytics with Nags

This YouTube Channel has Microsoft Power BI tutorial for beginners - from desktop download login installation to DAX Services Projects Dashboards Reports. Th...

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