Play around with D365FO workflow .. Some code samples to

Play around with D365FO workflow ..  Some code samples to

 1. Current workflow User a  by code 

public WorkflowUser currentWFUser(Common _common)


        WorkflowTrackingStatusTable workflowTrackingStatusTable;

        WorkflowTrackingTable       workflowTrackingTable; 


        select firstonly RecId from workflowTrackingStatusTable

            join User from workflowTrackingTable

            order by WorkflowTrackingTable.CreatedDateTime desc

            where workflowTrackingTable.WorkflowTrackingStatusTable == workflowTrackingStatusTable.RecId

            && workflowTrackingStatusTable.ContextRecId             == _common.RecId

            && workflowTrackingStatusTable.ContextTableId           == _common.TableId

            && workflowTrackingTable.TrackingContext                == WorkflowTrackingContext::WorkItem;

        return workflowTrackingTable.User;


2. Approve a workflow by code

public void autoApproveWF(Common _common, str _user)


        WorkflowWorkItemTable WorkflowWorkItemTable;

        select WorkflowWorkItemTable

            where  workflowWorkItemTable.Type   == WorkflowWorkItemType::WorkItem

            &&  workflowWorkItemTable.Status    == WorkflowWorkItemStatus::Pending

            &&  WorkflowWorkItemTable.RefTableId== _common.TableId

            &&  WorkflowWorkItemTable.RefRecId  ==  _common.RecId;



                                "Auto Approve by system",





3, Display approver name

 display WorkflowApprovalName Displayapprovername()


        WorkflowTrackingStatusTable workflowTrackingStatusTable;

        WorkflowTrackingTable WorkflowTrackingTable;

        WorkflowApprovalName approvername;

        select firstonly workflowtrackingstatustable

            join workflowtrackingtable

           where workflowtrackingstatustable.ContextRecId == this.recid

            && workflowtrackingtable.TrackingContext == workflowtrackingcontext::WorkItem

            && workflowtrackingtable.TrackingType == workflowtrackingtype::Approval

            && workflowtrackingtable.WorkflowTrackingStatusTable == workflowtrackingstatustable .recid;


            approvername = workflowtrackingtable.User;


        return approvername;


    4. Get last approver name for PO by PurchID

     select firstFast _PURCHTABLE where _PURCHTABLE.PurchId == purchTable.PurchId ;

            select firstFast _WorkflowTrackingStatusTable

             order by _WorkflowTrackingStatusTable.RecId desc

             where _WorkflowTrackingStatusTable.ContextRecId == _PURCHTABLE.RecId  && _WorkflowTrackingStatusTable.ContextCompanyId == curext()

                          && _WorkflowTrackingStatusTable.TrackingStatus == WorkflowTrackingStatus::Completed ;

            select _WorkflowTrackingTable

                    order by _WorkflowTrackingTable.createdDateTime desc

                   where _WorkflowTrackingTable.WorkflowTrackingStatusTable == _WorkflowTrackingStatusTable.RecId

                && _WorkflowTrackingTable.TrackingType == 4 ;

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