Episode 32 - Miri Rodriguez

Episode 32 - Miri Rodriguez

In this episode of the Microsoft Spotlight podcast, our hosts sit down with Miri Rodriguez, a Senior Storyteller Future of Work at Microsoft and author of a book on storytelling. Miri's book has become a go-to source for learning about storytelling in schools. The hosts learn that Miri's initial dream was to become a fighter pilot, but her career path led her to Microsoft, where she has thrived as a storyteller. Furthermore, Miri shares how her battle with breast cancer gave her a new perspective on life. Throughout the podcast, the hosts explore Miri's insights on storytelling, including the importance of putting customers at the heart of your brand's story.

If you're interested in exploring more of Miri's work, you can connect with her on LinkedIn or Twitter. Additionally, the Microsoft Women In Tech group and the Microsoft Spotlight User Group are resources to consider. Overall, this episode provides a fascinating glimpse into the world of storytelling and the unique path that led Miri to Microsoft.



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Microsoft Spotlight Podcast
Microsoft Spotlight Podcast

The Microsoft Spotlight Podcast highlighting the important of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion by speaking with those who share our same beliefs. We believe that all members of the technical community are equally important. We are part a tech community where we value a diverse network and learn and share from one another: regardless of age, regardless of colour, regardless of their ethnicity, regardless of their religion or beliefs, regardless of disability, regardless of gender, regardless of sexual orientation

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