Azure Verified Modules - Monthly Update [February]

Azure Verified Modules - Monthly Update [February]



New To This Series?

For Azure Verified Modules, we will be producing monthly updates in which, we will share with you the latest news and features of Azure Verified Modules, including:

  • Module updates
  • Common updates to the AVM framework.
  • Our community engagement

For some months we may focus on a highlight module this could be a pattern or a workflow in which the community (You!) would like to know more about from the module owner.

In you haven't already go check out the Introduction to Azure Verified Modules below!



AVM Module Summary

The AVM team are excited that our community have been busy building AVM Modules. As of February 29th the AVM Footprint currently looks like:



In development







Bicep Resource Modules Published In February:

Full list of Bicep Resource Modules are available here: AVM Bicep Resource Index 















network/virtual-wan purview/account





Terraform Resource Modules Published In February:

Full list of Terraform Resource Modules are available here: AVM Terraform Resource Index 















Updates and Improvements

We have also made some updates and improvements to the existing Azure Verified Modules, based on your feedback and suggestions. Some of the highlights are:


  • All Azure Verified Bicep Modules have been published with the `with-source` function enabling you to access the module source in Visual Studio Code while consuming the module
  • All new issue and pull request templates 
  • Announces on the Bicep Community call the retirement of the Public Bicep Registry Modules started, with Azure Verified Modules replacements in Development or Published!
  • Alignment of resources with the new version of the Private Endpoints interface
  • Fix for implicit dependencies to all module
  • Improved robustness of region rotation for bicep test deployments   


  • Fully implemented GREPT tool for repository linting
  • 59+ Rules have been added to the TFLint tool which is currently being implemented
  • GitHub App – being developed by Engineering to support post push events and auto fix code
  • MVP in place for the AVM Terraform Testing Framework

AVM General

For more resources about Azure Verified Modules Resources page containing all the useful content the AVM Team is generating Resources | Azure Verified Modules

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