Join me at JDConf 2024 to celebrate all things Java

Join me at JDConf 2024 to celebrate all things Java

With nonstop breakthroughs in AI and cloud computing, the pace of technological innovation never slows. But our dedication to empowering Java developers to achieve more doesn’t miss a step. That’s why I’m counting down the seconds to this year’s Microsoft JDConf, a two-day, virtual event, running March 27-28 (registration is still open, by the way!) I’m thrilled to be giving the keynote address, during which I’ll highlight the robust synergy between Java programming, AI, the cloud, and the strength of our shared community. RSVP Now at JDConf.com


Microsoft empowers Java developers to thrive in the cloud

Loved for its portability and versatility, Java plays an ongoing, pivotal role in our digital world. As Java developers seek to take their apps to the cloud, Azure makes it easier for them to be more productive, letting them leverage familiar tools, frameworks, and open-source tech for seamless cloud deployment and scaling.

A few years ago, we launched our own Microsoft Build of OpenJDK, reinforcing our commitment to the core development of the language and collaborating with the community. We now have over 2.5 million Java developers using Visual Studio Code to bring their applications to life. Java is among the top 5 languages used in GitHub and one of the most popular languages used with Azure OpenAI , where it’s leading the charge in cutting-edge AI development.

We not only utilize Java extensively within our own infrastructure, but we’ve also been actively promoting it within the developers and partners’ community. That includes our strong partnerships with major players in the Java ecosystem, such as IBM, Oracle, Broadcom, and Red Hat, We’ll have Java experts from each company joining us at JDConf with their own exciting developments. We believe this spirt of collaboration fosters a healthier Java ecosystem, benefits developers, and ultimately allows us to offer better Java support within our own products and services.



Power Java apps with the latest AI tools

Java provides a solid foundation for developing AI applications, and we’re proud to offer a diverse range of AI tools and services designed to empower developers and integrate seamlessly with Java environments:

  • GitHub Copilot: I’ll be sharing a lot about this exciting AI-powered code completion tool during my keynote. GitHub Copilot can suggest relevant Java code snippets and functions based on your context, boosting your overall efficiency. It’s available as a plugin for popular IDEs, including Visual Studio Code, and integrates with IntelliJ IDEA for code completion suggestions.
  • Azure OpenAI Service: With access to powerful OpenAI language models like GPT-4, Azure OpenAI Service enables experimentation and integration of cutting-edge language processing capabilities into Java applications.
  • Spring AI: Using the popular Spring framework, our new open-source project holds amazing promises for developers looking to integrate AI capabilities into Java apps. Spring AI reduces the need for writing custom code for AI services by providing abstractions for models and functionalities.   


End-to-end cloud experience for Java

Cloud technology has revolutionized the way applications are deployed, managed, and scaled, and Java has been along for the ride the whole time. Microsoft recognizes the importance of delivering a seamless, end-to-end cloud experience for Java developers through our comprehensive set of tools, services, and platforms, and JDConf will highlight this exciting team-up.

  • Azure Spring Apps: By handling everything from infrastructure setup (monitoring, security, scaling) to deployment and lifecycle management, Azure Spring Apps lets you run your Spring apps in Azure without needing code modifications. Developed with VMware, Azure Spring Apps is jointly supported by both companies.
  • Azure App Service: Build and deploy web apps, APIs, and mobile backends in seconds with Azure App Service. This fully managed service handles security, scaling, and updates, freeing you to focus on your code. Plus, integrate DevOps tools for seamless development and deployment.
  • Azure Container Apps: Run microservices and containerized applications on Azure with ease using Azure Container Apps. This serverless platform is perfect for APIs, background tasks, event processing, and more. Your applications can scale automatically based on various factors, including traffic, events, CPU, or memory.
  • Azure Kubernetes Service: If you are looking to manage your own infrastructure while reducing costs and boosting performance, Azure Kubernetes Service is a good fit for you Java cloud journey. With it you can simplify deploying and managing containerized apps by offloading everything from setup to maintenance and scaling. It automatically handles tasks like health monitoring and provisioning resources based on demand.
  • Azure Red Hat OpenShift: Azure Red Hat OpenShift provides highly available, fully managed OpenShift clusters on-demand, which delivers added-value features to complement Kubernetes, making it a turnkey container platform that delivers improved developer and operator experience.


RSVP Now at JDConf.com

JDConf 2024, the annual Java Developer Conference, is back, spotlighting Java, Cloud, and AI this year. This free virtual event spans two days across the entire globe across Americas, Asia Pacific, and Europe, Middle East, and Africa, to unite developers around the world to learn, share and celebrate Java together. Our mission is to provide a world-class, engaging event accessible to attendees from every corner of the globe. This year, we’re featuring the transformative impact of emerging technologies and AI on the Java development landscape. With 1 Keynote, 20 Breakout and 18 On-demand sessions summing up over 10 hours of content delivered by leading voices from Microsoft, Broadcom, Red Hat, IBM, Oracle, and community leaders, JDConf offers a unique opportunity for developers to network and learn from top Java influencers.


Watch my interview with Julien Dubois for a sneak peek into the JDConf 2024: https://aka.ms/jdconf_interview 

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