NTT DATA and Microsoft pair up to modernize customer communications with generative AI

NTT DATA and Microsoft pair up to modernize customer communications with generative AI

A core component of business-to-customer communication includes the contact center. However, many companies have committed to multi-year agreements with contact center services that have been surpassed by technological advances in generative AI. A consistent request from enterprise customers is how to incorporate copilot into their existing service without having to go through the costly exercise of replacing that service and retraining their call center staff. This is especially true when the customer's contact center is located on-premises.  To help address this issue, Azure Communication Services is excited to announce our collaboration with NTT DATA to modernize contact centers with generative AI.


NTT DATA has developed a solution that enables enterprises to use Copilot Studio for sales and contact center operations while seamlessly integrating artificial intelligence (AI) within CRM systems such as Dynamics365 or Salesforce. Companies can also use AI when building and customizing call flows to improve customer experiences. Azure Communication Services can be used to route calls to the right agents and queues, and conversational bots reduce escalations and call loads altogether.





For many organizations, the idea of rip and replacing a contact center is not a priority. However, what is a priority is ensuring customers receive the service they need effectively and efficiently, and, thanks to artificial intelligence, both can be achieved with NTT DATA and Microsoft.


"We are the #1 Microsoft Operator Connect partner with more than one million Cloud Voice and Managed Service users on Microsoft Teams. Our experience in telephony, Microsoft technology, and Teams helps the organization future proof their employee and customer experience and streamline their cloud migration unlocking the potential of generative AI."  says Charlie Doubek, Vice President, Managed Collaboration Services, NTT DATA.


This collaboration will utilize the APIs and SDKs in Azure Communication Services that enable the delivery of video, voice, chat, text messaging, and email into applications, mobile applications, websites, and devices. These APIs are the same communication services that deliver the Microsoft Teams experience to 300+ million people every month. We have built the entire modular API approach to each of the Azure Communication Services to deliver an efficient, secure, and scalable environment in any manner that they are used.

NTT DATA and Microsoft will go from strength to strength and unlock the value of technology as we transform customer experiences and empower organizations and their customers to achieve more. 


Contact your Microsoft representative to learn how NTT DATA and Azure Communication Services can help create adaptable solutions that deliver successful connections between your business and its customers. 


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