Bypass execution of specific plugin (step) using BypassBusinessLogicExecutionStepIds parameter – Dynamics 365 / Dataverse

Bypass execution of specific plugin (step) using BypassBusinessLogicExecutionStepIds parameter – Dynamics 365 / Dataverse

If you're a Dynamics 365 or Dataverse user looking to bypass a specific plugin step, this article is a must-read. The BypassBusinessLogicExecutionStepIds optional parameter or request header value enables you to bypass a specific plugin step by passing its GUID, regardless of whether it is synchronous or asynchronous. This is different from other optional parameters like BypassCustomPluginExecution and BypassBusinessLogicExecution that bypass all custom synchronous and/or asynchronous logic such as plugins and workflows.

By using the BypassCustomPluginExecution and BypassBusinessLogicExecution parameters, you can bypass all the custom logic in your application. However, if you want to bypass only a specific step, the BypassBusinessLogicExecutionStepIds parameter is the perfect solution. To get a step's GUID, you can use XrmToolBox's Plugin Trace Viewer or the OrganizationServiceContext's RetrieveEntity method.

Whether you're new to the world of Dynamics 365 or Dataverse or you're a seasoned user, this article provides you with essential information and tips to bypass specific plugin steps efficiently and effectively.

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