GitHub Copilot Can Do That? | Azure Developers JavaScript Day 2024

GitHub Copilot Can Do That? | Azure Developers JavaScript Day 2024



In this third article around the Microsoft event aimed at JavaScript developers: Azure Developers JavaScript Day 2024, we're going to talk about GitHub Copilot, a incredible tool that is changing the way developers have been working. And this time we have the talk presentation of Burke Holland, a Principal Developer Advocate at Microsoft, who is part also of the Visual Studio Code team.


Burke shared with us the main features of GitHub Copilot, how it can be used to improve the development workflow, and how it can be used to enhance developer productivity.


Let's get to the content!


What was covered during the session?


Now let's talk about what was covered during the session! If you wish, you can watch the video of the session at the link below:



The Genesis of GitHub Copilot


Burke began the presentation by thanking the hosts and expressing enthusiasm for the transformative potential of GitHub Copilot. GitHub Copilot is the original and most widely used AI tool in the developer community, and with AI becoming an integral part of the development process, its ability to significantly increase productivity and happiness among developers was highlighted as a key feature.


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The Unmatched Adoption and Efficacy of Copilot


Burke shared that over 1.5 million developers have integrated Copilot into their workflow. Surveys and tests reveal that 55% of AI-using developers prefer GitHub Copilot. This highlights the tool's widespread acceptance and underscores its capability to enable faster coding and enhanced productivity.


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Understanding GitHub Copilot


Burke clarified that GitHub Copilot is a highly advanced autocomplete tool that can assist developers in their work. However, it is not infallible and does not replace a developer's expertise. It's important for developers to remain vigilant, as Copilot can sometimes offer incorrect solutions. Its proficiency varies across programming languages, being most adept with those prevalent in the open-source community.


Demonstrations of GitHub Copilot in Action


The session featured live demonstrations of GitHub Copilot’s capabilities, showcasing its integration within the Visual Studio Code environment. Key highlights included:


  • Ghost Text and Inline Chat: Burke showed how Copilot helps with real-time coding. It generates function templates and offers contextually relevant code completions.
  • AI-Powered Insights: Copilot enhances code quality and developer efficiency by correcting common errors and suggesting best practices.

  • Advanced Features: Burke explored Copilot's ability to handle complex tasks, such as regex expressions, cron jobs, and automating video processing with FFmpeg, through interactive examples.


Captura de tela 2024-04-11 214357.png


Copilot's Intelligence Beyond Coding


GitHub Copilot is adaptable and intelligent in many development scenarios. It can refine CSS styles, generate regex patterns, and schedule tasks with cron expressions. Copilot accelerates the coding process and serves as a learning tool, guiding developers through unfamiliar or complex coding challenges.


The Future Is Bright with GitHub Copilot


The session ended with the realization that GitHub Copilot is more than just a coding assistant. It combines the vast knowledge of the open-source world with the precision of AI to offer unparalleled support to developers. To maximize its potential, it requires a learning curve and a hands-on approach. However, the benefits it offers in terms of productivity and efficiency are undeniable.


Conclusion for the Session


GitHub Copilot is transforming the developer experience. It uses AI to open up new avenues for creativity and innovation, making it an indispensable tool for developers navigating modern software projects. GitHub Copilot is a beacon of progress, guiding developers towards a more efficient and enlightened approach to coding.


Visual Studio Code Day Skills Challenge


In this article, I want to bring you excellent news! Starting on April 24th, we will launch the new Cloud Skills Challenge: "Visual Studio Code Day Skills Challenge". It will last until May 7th.


Do you want to know more details about the challenge? Access the link below:




In addition, the challenge will feature a super online event: "Visual Studio Day", which will take place on April 24th!


If you want to know more about the topics to be covered during the event, access the article link here: Visual Studio Code Day Online Event


Azure Developers JavaScript Day Cloud Skills Challenge




Don't forget to participate in the Azure Developers JavaScript Day Cloud Skills Challenge to test your knowledge and skills in a series of learn modules and learn more about Azure services and tools. As I mentioned in the previous articles, besides the challenge is over, you can still access the content and learn more about the topics covered during the event.


Link to the challenge: JavaScript and Azure Cloud Skills Challenge


Stay Tuned!


If you wish, you can follow what happened during the two days of the event via the playlist on YouTube. The event was full of interesting content and insights for JavaScript developers!


Stay tuned for more articles and insights from the Azure Developers JavaScript Day 2024! And see you in the next article!

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