Jeremy Miller: Parallelism in Software - Episode 261

Jeremy Miller: Parallelism in Software - Episode 261

Jeremy Miller, who transitioned from a career in engineering to software development, is a software architecture team leader and a mentor to fellow software architects. He has worked in various industries, including computer manufacturing, finance, insurance, health care, and banking, and has unique insights into the challenges that companies face while developing and maintaining enterprise systems over time. 

In this episode of the "Azure DevOps Podcast," Jeremy discusses his open-source software tools, starting from Structure Map to Marten and Wolverine and his current focus on leading software architecture teams and helping mentor other architects.

Additionally, Jeremy shares his thoughts on parallelism in software development and highlights the importance of understanding the challenges that arise while getting code to run or running multiple instances at the same time. He offers insights into Marten, a database system built for .NET developers based on the PostgreSQL database.

Moreover, he delves into producer-consumer patterns, provides tips on queue pattern implementation, and advises developers to avoid working at the thread level themselves. Jeremy also talks about the "Critter Stack," and his advice for new developers and the type of customers he's looking to collaborate with.

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