How to make Read Only, show and hide and other conditions to fields in Project Operations?

How to make Read Only, show and hide and other conditions to fields in Project Operations?

Have you been wondering how to make certain fields in Project Operations read-only or to show/hide them under certain conditions? This article provides step-by-step guidance on how to achieve that.

To make a field read-only, you can create a new business rule in the entity that contains the field. The Business Rule designer window will open with a single condition already created for you. You can then create a new condition or modify the existing one and take one or more actions based on that. This will make the field read-only under specific conditions.

If you want to show or hide a field under certain conditions, the same process can be followed by creating a new business rule and then setting its action to either show or hide the field based on the condition.

Follow the steps outlined in this article and learn how to make fields in Project Operations read-only, show/hide them under certain conditions, and more, all with the help of business rules.

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