How to Modify SharePoint List Toolbar Buttons with List Formatting

If you're looking to customize SharePoint list toolbar buttons, List Formatting is the way to go. In this video, you'll learn how to modify SharePoint List Toolbar Buttons using List Formatting. With List Formatting, you can choose specific actions to appear on the toolbar and customize the style and appearance to better align with your branding needs.

The video walks you through the process of implementing this technique, from identifying the toolbar buttons you'd like to modify to writing a JSON code snippet that defines the desired appearance and functionality. You'll see that List Formatting is a simple yet powerful way to enhance the user experience and optimize workflows, making it a valuable tool in your SharePoint arsenal.

Whether you're a SharePoint power user or just beginning to explore its capabilities, this video provides an accessible and practical guide to modifying toolbar buttons with List Formatting.

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April Dunnam
April Dunnam

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