Azure Automation supports Azure CLI commands in runbooks

Azure Automation supports Azure CLI commands in runbooks

Azure Automation has announced support for Azure CLI commands in runbooks (preview announcement). The rich command set of Azure CLI expands capabilities of runbooks even further, allowing you to reap combined benefits of both, for automating and streamlining management of Azure resources. Azure Automation runbooks target orchestration on a wide array of resources such as Virtual Machines, Arc-enabled Servers, Databases, Storage, Azure Active Directory, and much more, along with complex workflows involving multiple resources.


Azure Automation has emerged as a pivotal service that provides a complete end-to-end solution for managing complex hybrid environments. It facilitates authoring of PowerShell and Python scripts with intelligent suggestions through GitHub Copilot, provides a serverless platform for execution of those scripts, offers the flexibility to execute those scripts on Azure or in customer’s local environment, and monitors those executions comprehensively.



Learn how to run Azure CLI commands in PowerShell 7.2 runbook here.


For any questions or feedback, please reach out to [email protected]

Know more about Azure Automation roadmap here.

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