Episode 38 - Zoe Wilson

Episode 38 - Zoe Wilson

Join the hosts of the Microsoft Spotlight podcast as they welcome Zoe Wilson, who has changed roles since her last appearance on the show and has now become an MVP. In episode 38, the discussion revolves around the Microsoft Community and events, the Microsoft Valued Professional (MVP) program, and the journey that led Zoe to become an MVP.

Zoe's LinkedIn and Twitter handles are provided, along with other important links such as the Microsoft Women In Tech initiative, the Spotlight User Group, and the South Coast Summit. The podcast also hints at an upcoming M365 Community Day - Middle Earth event.

Tune in to this episode to learn more about Microsoft's community-driven initiatives, insights into the MVP program, and Zoe's experiences in the tech industry.

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Microsoft Spotlight Podcast
Microsoft Spotlight Podcast

The Microsoft Spotlight Podcast highlighting the important of Diversity, Equality and Inclusion by speaking with those who share our same beliefs. We believe that all members of the technical community are equally important. We are part a tech community where we value a diverse network and learn and share from one another: regardless of age, regardless of colour, regardless of their ethnicity, regardless of their religion or beliefs, regardless of disability, regardless of gender, regardless of sexual orientation

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