Cultivating Tech in Albania: Betim Beja's Journey from Microsoft MVP to Shaping the Tech Landscape and Power Platform Community

Cultivating Tech in Albania: Betim Beja's  Journey from Microsoft MVP to Shaping the Tech Landscape and Power Platform Community

Meet Betim Beja, Albania's first-ever Microsoft MVP who is passionate about technology and its ability to transform lives. Despite the challenges posed by a small market, Beja is determined to cultivate Albania's tech industry, and he is achieving astounding success. From helping local tech professionals create top-tier software to organizing tech events, Beja's impact is palpable. In this podcast episode, he shares his love for open-source contributions and his transition from consulting to creating products on Dynamics.

Beja's influence is not just limited to Albania. He is an active participant in the Power Platform community, and the episode delves into the significant role played by community leaders like Jonas Rapp and Jordi Montana. Beja talks about organizing Albania's first-ever Power Platform Summit, and his efforts to overcome language barriers to reach a global audience through his tech blogs in English and Albanian. Other topics explored include the potential and challenges of translating Microsoft Dynamics products into Albanian, and the critical role of collaboration and community in promoting language accessibility in tech.

This podcast episode provides an enlightening discussion of Betim Beja's extraordinary journey in enriching Albania's tech landscape and his efforts to inspire and support fellow tech professionals.

Link: https://open.spotify.com/episode/3bd7gBrEqyqq5G8a8n67Ic

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