How a Well-Run Discovery Can Save Your Project

How a Well-Run Discovery Can Save Your Project

Have you ever been a part of a CRM implementation project that didn't quite meet the mark? You're not alone. According to some surveys, up to two-thirds of such projects fail to achieve their goals. In this post, the author revisits some common pitfalls to avoid in CRM implementations and emphasizes the importance of a well-run discovery phase in saving your project.

The discovery phase is a critical component of any successful implementation project. It involves gaining a deep understanding of the business needs, processes, and challenges of the organization before diving into the technical aspects of the project. By conducting thorough research and analysis during this phase, you can establish clear goals and priorities for the project, accurately assess risks and constraints, and develop a realistic implementation plan that meets the needs of your organization.

With a well-run discovery phase, you can set your implementation project up for success right from the start. So, if you're embarking on a CRM implementation project or any other tech project for that matter, don't skip the discovery phase.

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