Class 5 - Create Model Calculation using DAX by taik18

This video tutorial by taik18 covers Model Calculation using DAX in Power BI. It is part of the Class 5 series, where you will learn how to create a model calculation using DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) in Power BI. This tutorial is aimed at individuals who have some basic knowledge of Power BI and are looking to expand their skills.

In the video, taik18 walks you through how to create a new calculated column, measure, and table in Power BI desktop. You will learn how to use DAX expressions to write formulas for calculating values based on your data. Additionally, the video covers how to handle the errors that might occur while creating the formulas.

By the end of this tutorial, you will have a solid understanding of how to use DAX to create model calculations in Power BI and how to troubleshoot errors that may arise.

You can watch the full tutorial on YouTube.

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Welcome To TAIK18..I am Mohammed Adnan, Consultant and International Trainer (Microsoft Certified) in Power BI, Paginated Report (SSRS), Power Automate, Powe...

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