Episode 492 - April News Roundup

Episode 492 - April News Roundup

In this episode, Evan and Sujit catch up on the latest news in the Azure space and discuss recent developments in networking, open AI, and IBM Mainframes. They cover some interesting topics, including App Service Multi-plan Subnet join, Azure Logic Apps Connectors for IBM Mainframe and Midranges, the Public Preview of Azure OpenAI, and AI search in-app connectors for Logic Apps Standard.

The team also shares various resources such as updates on General Availability of Azure Virtual Network Encryption availability in all regions, Azure Data Box Disk now available with hardware encryption, and General Availability of HBv4-series and HX-series VMs in Sweden Central, among others. In addition, they talk about Public Preview - DR for Shared Disks - Azure Site Recovery.

Lastly, they discuss using Azure OpenAI speech to create their intro/exit segments in the podcast. Overall, the discussion is informative and relevant to the latest Azure news and developments.

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