Calculating Weekly Sales w/DAX In Power BI

Calculating Weekly Sales w/DAX In Power BI

In this tutorial, we delve into calculating weekly sales results using DAX in Power BI. Although it may seem like a straightforward task, the absence of a weekly-based built-in time intelligence function in Power BI makes it a bit more complex. While there are several built-in options for day and month-based calculations, weekly calculations require a more advanced approach using DAX.

You can find a full video tutorial on this topic at the bottom of the blog. By following this tutorial, you will gain valuable insights into leveraging DAX to calculate weekly sales data in Power BI. You will learn how to extract data from the relevant tables and create measures that factor in time-intelligence functions to calculate weekly sales data.

Whether you're a seasoned Power BI user or delving into the world of advanced data analytics, this tutorial offers an invaluable resource for effectively calculating weekly sales results using DAX.

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