Two Types of Big Screen Power BI Reports & Best Practices

Power BI is an incredible data transformation tool, and with the Big Screen feature, you can present information in a way that's easy to digest for anyone in the room. This video delves into the two types of Big Screen Power BI reports and shares best practices for getting the most out of the feature.

The first type of report covered in the video is the "Static Report," which includes all visuals on a single page. The video addresses design best practices for this type of report, such as using a muted color palette, utilizing a grid layout, and adopting a consistent font style and size.

The second type of report is the "Carousel Report," which cycles through multiple visuals on a timed interval. The video provides insights into how to design a carousel report, with tips such as keeping the visualizations simple, using contrasting colors, and sticking to a consistent data theme.

Overall, the video is a great resource for anyone looking to create engaging and informative Big Screen Power BI reports. By following the best practices outlined in the video, you can transform your data into powerful insights that resonate with your audience.

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Chris Wagner
Chris Wagner

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