Make data more human with Azure OpenAI and Azure SQL

Make data more human with Azure OpenAI and Azure SQL

In its bid to bring a more human touch to data, Microsoft announced the general availability of the Azure OpenAI Service (AOAI) in January of 2023. The service offers Azure customers the ability to directly access OpenAI models within their Azure subscription and capacity, with four model families being available at present. These range from Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT), which excel at generating natural language, to models that can effectively summarize text, answer questions, and even translate text.

With this service, Azure customers can do more than just analyze and visualize data - they can put it to work in ways they never thought possible, making their analytics more conversational and human-like. By combining Azure OpenAI with Azure SQL, a cloud-based database management system, companies can unlock powerful insights from their data and take their analytics to the next level.

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