The Analyst Cloud Is Now Completely Free For Employers

The Analyst Cloud Is Now Completely Free For Employers

Good news for employers! Enterprise DNA has announced that their Analyst Cloud platform is now completely free. This means that employers and project managers looking for Power BI resourcing can now access a pool of highly talented Power BI and analytical experts for free.

The decision to make the Analyst Cloud free is expected to bring a wide range of benefits to employers, including access to skilled professionals, cost savings, and the ability to complete projects faster. With this platform, employers can now easily resource their Power BI projects, whether big or small, without having to worry about any associated costs.

So, if you're an employer or project manager looking for Power BI resourcing, now is the perfect time to consider the Analyst Cloud platform. Take advantage of the opportunity to access a pool of experienced experts. You'll be able to complete your projects faster and more efficiently. Check it out today!

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