Dataverse Connector with Matt Townsend

Dataverse Connector with Matt Townsend

In this podcast episode, Matt Townsend talks about the Dataverse Connector - a tool that plays a vital role in integrating data from various sources and leveraging it for informed decision-making and business process improvements. The podcast covers several topics, including:

  • Discussions on Matt's background, his interests, and the benefits of working from home.
  • An overview of Dataverse Connector's versatility and its importance in the business world.
  • The usage of legacy connectors and Matt's thoughts on moving Dataverse from pro code to low code.
  • Optimizing the usage of Microsoft Dataverse.
  • The most commonly asked questions about data connectors from the community.

Throughout the podcast, Matt shares his expertise and experience with the Dataverse connector and the latest updates and developments in the field. He also provides additional resources for listeners who want to explore this topic further, such as XrmToolBox, Power Automate's Dataverse Cheatsheet, and Microsoft Dataverse business events. AgileXRM is also mentioned as integrated BPM for Microsoft Power Platform.

If you want to learn more about Dataverse Connector and its role in intelligent business decision-making, this podcast episode is worth listening to.

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Microsoft Business Applications Podcast
Microsoft Business Applications Podcast

The Microsoft Business Applications Podcast is an education, technology, business and career podcast for the Power Platform, Dynamics 365, and those that work with these digital transformation tools. The format is guest interviews with Microsoft, Community, and experts who work with Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Dataverse and Power Virtual Agents. The podcast has three shows that are released twice weekly. #Power365Show #PowerPlatformShow #MVPShow https://podcast.nz365guy.com

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