Build your own copilot! New Microsoft Copilot extensions

Build your own copilot! New Microsoft Copilot extensions

Now you can build your own highly specialized copilot using Microsoft Copilot Studio or Visual Studio Code. See how you can tailor Copilot for Microsoft 365 experiences to focus on specific tasks and use external data integration through Copilot extensions. Enhance productivity by leveraging large language models and Microsoft Graph for personalized responses. With plugins and connectors, extend Copilot's capabilities to streamline tasks and automate actions, all while maintaining context and boosting efficiency.

Abram Jackson, Principal Product Manager for Microsoft 365 shows how you can get started building Copilot extensions.


00:00 - Copilot extensions
01:08 - Types of Copilot extensions
01:59 - Microsoft Graph connectors
03:20 - Plugins
04:14 - Specialized copilot
04:54 - Multiple customized copilots working together
05:42 - How to build Copilot extensions
06:45 - Plug into data-external or inside of Microsoft 365
07:31 - IDE/Visual Studio Code
08:57 - Wrap up


► Link References

To get started, check out https://copilotstudio.microsoft.com


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