DAX Calculation Groups – Power BI Report for Problem Of The Week #7

DAX Calculation Groups – Power BI Report for Problem Of The Week #7

Learn about constructing an effective, dynamic report using DAX calculation groups with this informative tutorial. The author shares the solution they formulated for the 7th Problem of the Week, which required the use of multiple DAX calculation groups. The post includes a video tutorial at the bottom of the page to help readers follow along with the material.

For those unfamiliar with the Problem of the Week, it is a regularly held event on the 1st and 3rd week of every month at Enterprise DNA.

To dive into the world of DAX calculation groups and how it can be applied to your Power BI reports, check out this comprehensive guide.

The post DAX Calculation Groups – Power BI Report for Problem Of The Week #7 can be accessed on the Master Data Skills + AI website.

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