Contributor Stories: John Aziz

Contributor Stories: John Aziz

If you’ve ever engaged with the content on the Microsoft Learn platform, it's highly likely that the material you used was written or co-authored by dedicated contributors. These contributors, often volunteers, generously offer their time and expertise to fill knowledge gaps within our portfolio and ensure the content remains up to date.


In this Contributor Stories interview series, we aim to acquaint ourselves with some of these valuable contributors. Through these conversations, we seek to understand their motivations for sharing their knowledge and gain insights into their experiences.


We’re excited to have John Aziz here with us today. John, a frequent and valued contributor to both the Microsoft Learn platform and Microsoft Tech Community site, is passionate about Cloud Computing and Machine Learning. Based in Egypt, he recently graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and is now employed as a Software Engineer. In his free time, he enjoys volunteering, listening to music, attending events, and sharing his love of Microsoft Learn with others. 


John was chosen for this month’s Contributor Stories article because of his strong dedication to sharing knowledge with others. He served as a Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador while in college, has written three training modules and one documentation tutorial on the Microsoft Learn platform, authored many popular blogs on the Microsoft Tech Community site, leads the Azure Egypt User meetup group, and was recently awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP).  


Here are some of John’s recent contributions to learn.microsoft.com:

Meet John

John Aziz, Software EngineerJohn Aziz, Software Engineer

Megan: Welcome, John! Congratulations on being a top Microsoft contributor and being highlighted in this month’s Contributor Stories article! I know our listeners are eager to hear about your contributions and why you started contributing to Microsoft in the first place. Before we get into all that, can you first tell us about your background and experience?
John: Thanks, Megan. I appreciate it. I’m incredibly honored I was nominated for the Contributor Stories program. It’s surreal and super exciting! My background is in software engineering and information technology. I’m deeply passionate about continuously learning new technologies, expanding my knowledge, and sharing my insights with others. Overall, my greatest areas of expertise are Cloud Computing and Machine Learning, as I’ve been really able to refine my skills and demonstrate my capabilities in those spaces. I recently graduated from Modern Academy with a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and am currently employed as a Software Engineer. I’m also the leader of the Azure Egypt User meetup group, a forum for IT professionals in Egypt to discuss and share expertise in understanding the cloud technologies available through Microsoft Azure platform and attend events related to Microsoft technology. Prior to that, I was a Technical Trainer for two years and a Coding Instructor. 

My tech journey, passion for learning, and passion for sharing were profoundly enriched by the invaluable experiences I had while serving as a Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador in college. In this campus advocacy role, I organized lots of online and offline events, developed official content for both the Microsoft Tech Community site and Microsoft Learn platform, and contributed to the broader knowledge-sharing ecosystem. These diverse experiences reinforced my commitment to staying at the forefront of technology and mentoring others on their own exciting journeys.


Megan: That’s fantastic! I can really sense your commitment and passion for helping others succeed! What led you to start contributing to Microsoft Learn and the Microsoft Tech Community site?
John: I started writing a popular blog, Deploying a Large Language Model on Azure, on the Microsoft Tech Community site. Shortly after that, Lee Stott, Principal Cloud Advocate Manager at Microsoft contacted me and asked if I would like to create an Integrating a Large Language Model on Azure with Power Platform Microsoft Learn tutorial based on my blog. Of course, I said yes, and it was a major turning point for me! I started collaborating with Microsoft employees, learning from them, and improving my writing skills. I really love learning which always motivates me to contribute more and more. Every time I collaborate with a Microsoft employee to create content, I learn something new. I also love sharing my knowledge with others, so it’s a very rewarding experience for me. 


Megan: Yep, totally the same for me! I also love learning and supporting others in their own learning journeys. I think it keeps our brains healthy – continuously learning and connecting with others to share our knowledge with them! Hey, what about your career, John? Has contributing helped you advance your career or gained any new skills? 

John: Yes, contributing has benefited me in quite a few ways, Megan. It’s helped me improve my writing skills, as well as learn the different aspects of creating and publishing content on Microsoft Learn. I’ve also been able to meet/collaborate with lots of amazing individuals and learn more about Microsoft Azure. In fact, I now get offers to write content (non-Microsoft websites) and get paid for it. And I was recently awarded the Microsoft MVP!

Contributing has also helped me believe in myself more and made me braver. Prior to writing blogs on the Microsoft Tech Community site and creating content on Microsoft Learn, I was afraid to contribute. I was worried about making mistakes or completely failing. But turns out I was afraid for absolutely no reason! It sometimes still feels new to me, but I’m enjoying it and learning a lot of cool things! 




Megan: That’s super that you’re gaining new skillsets, meeting new people, and earning extra money – all because of contributing! What advice do you have for folks who want to start contributing to the Microsoft Learn platform?

John: My advice is simple: Don’t be afraid! Just start! If you need guidance or make a mistake, there are lots of other contributors who will happily support you! Microsoft Learn is all about learning – so no one will judge you if you need help while you’re learning how to make contributions! No judgement, only help and support! I never imagined I'd be contributing to all these Microsoft sites and tools, but I found that I’m able to add value whether I contribute by fixing a small typo or creating new content! Regardless of the size of contributions, they’re always valuable and always welcomed!


Megan: Excellent advice, thanks so much for sharing! I have one more question, if you don’t mind. I’d love to learn more about “you” – the person behind the contributions. Do you have any hobbies? How do you spend your free time when you’re not working or making contributions? 
John: In my free time, I love watching tv series (currently rewatching House M.D. for the fourth time – hahaha), listening to music, and attending events. I’m also deeply passionate about volunteering in my spare time, as well as leading the Azure Egypt User meetup group to help bring awareness of the valuable content on Microsoft Learn. Plus, being involved in the contribution process and all that it entails makes me appreciate Microsoft Learn that much more! I want everyone to know about it! 


John introducing Cairo University students to Microsoft programs.John introducing Cairo University students to Microsoft programs.

Megan: Wow! Thanks so much for spreading the word about all of the great content available on Microsoft Learn! (And yes, House M.D. is a terrific show. I watched it years ago when it first aired.) Okay, before we wrap up, is there anything else you’d like to share about your contributing experience?

John: I just want to reiterate that contributing to Microsoft Learn, contributing to the Microsoft Tech Community site, being a Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador, and recently becoming a Microsoft MVP have been an AMAZING and WONDERFUL experience so far! I’ve been able to meet and learn from many people in different regions of the world. For anyone still on the fence about contributing to Microsoft Learn, just take the leap! There are lots of other contributors who will happily support you, with whatever you need! 


Megan: Love it. That’s pretty awesome and inspiring to hear that all of your contributing experiences have been exceptional so far! Thanks for chatting with me today, John. I wish you continued success and many more Microsoft contributions!


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