How to Leverage Artificial Intelligence with Azure Communication Services

How to Leverage Artificial Intelligence with Azure Communication Services

Azure Communication Services offers multichannel communication APIs for adding voice, video, chat, text messaging/SMS, email, and more to developer’s applications and is the same underlying platform and infrastructure that powers Microsoft Teams and more the 300 million active users per day. These capabilities can be integrated into custom application experiences that use your brand’s identity and distinctiveness. 


As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more sophisticated, the possibilities of how it can be used to enhance your communication applications are limited only by your imagination. With artificial intelligence, your communication applications can provide speech recognition, natural language processing, sentiment analysis, translation and transcription, and so much more for your voice and video calls, messages, and emails. Ultimately, these additional capabilities can improve the accessibility and experiences of your end users, the efficiency of your organization, and can power new scenarios for business insights. Azure Communication Services combined with Azure AI Services can help you unlock the full potential of your communications platform.




There are a number of scenarios where AI can play a key role in improving customer experience and business outcomes. For example, businesses can use Azure Communication Services in conjunction with Azure Open AI Service to build custom customer interactions solutions that enable customers to move from online chats, to text, to live agent support. In other scenarios, like service sales, incorporating functionality like sentiment analysis and call summarization or transcription enables businesses to customize their training opportunities and improve efficiency and the customer experience.





Getting Started


Azure Communication Services has released an assortment of samples and Microsoft Mechanics videos that showcase the power of AI. Now, all these samples are being housed in a common repository so that you can access and use them together in your application.


For a full list of the AI integrations and sample code possible with Azure Communication Services visit our GitHub repo.


For more information on Azure Communication Services please visit our documentation.  



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