Host Object Demystified: Your Power Apps Companion

Host Object Demystified: Your Power Apps Companion

If you're a Power Apps developer looking to interact with the hosting environment and access its functionalities and resources, host objects are an essential tool in your arsenal. In the context of Canvas Apps, host objects are objects or components provided by the hosting environment, which help bridge the gap between the programming language used in the code and the native features of the environment. This blog post provides an in-depth understanding of the new "host" object Microsoft announced. This object provides information about the web browser and helps developers understand the current hardware and environment the app is running in. The post offers a comprehensive overview of various properties of the host environment, including the BrowserUserAgent Property, OSType Property, SessionID property, and TenantID Property that developers can use for troubleshooting purposes and to streamline the development of scalable and robust apps.

So, if you're a Power Apps developer looking to develop scalable, efficient, and effective apps, this post does an excellent job of demystifying host objects and their role in the Power Apps ecosystem.

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Power Platform , D365 CE & Cloud
Power Platform , D365 CE & Cloud

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