Azure Communications Services at Microsoft Build

Azure Communications Services at Microsoft Build

We'd like to send a huge Thank You to everyone who attended Microsoft Build and participated in the sessions and discussions about Azure Communication Services. 

It was great to reconnect with in-person attendees in Seattle and engage online with attendees from around the world. We hope you enjoyed the lineup of sessions that showcased our upcoming releases from Azure Communication Services at Build, along with samples, demos, and how-to manuals for building effective and efficient communication experiences.  


If you missed any of the sessions, don't worry! You can still watch the on-demand sessions listed below.




Build AI-assisted communication workflows for customer engagement 

Programmable communication workflows can help your business adapt to changing customer needs in real time. But how can adding automation and AI assisted actions help optimize those customer experiences even more? Learn how Azure Communication Services is changing the landscape of customer engagement with intelligent calling features, automated interoperability into Microsoft Teams, and optimized communication workflows.  


Create a custom Virtual Meetings app with Azure Communication Services and Microsoft Teams 

Build an app from scratch to virtually meet with customers in just a few minutes. In this session, we cover how to implement a Virtual Appointments app using no-code, low-code, and pro-code alternatives to get a fully functional app in record time. Learn how to use Azure Communication Services interoperability with Microsoft Teams, the Microsoft Graph Virtual Appointments API, plus integrations with Azure Functions and more. 


Building on the Microsoft Cloud: Audio/video calling from a custom app into a Teams meeting  

In today's connected world, communication and teamwork are crucial. Users expect seamless audio/video calls, chats, and real-time interactions. Join Dan Wahlin and Ayca Bas to discover how Microsoft Cloud services can empower your apps with audio/video communication, including Microsoft Teams meeting integration. Post-session, explore a practical tutorial at aka.ms/mscloud-acs-teams-tutorial  to elevate your apps with cutting-edge communication tools.  
Thank you for your continued support of Azure Communication Services. 


Visit our documentation to learn more about Azure Communication Services.


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