The Power of Wish Lists on Positive CRM User Adoption

The Power of Wish Lists on Positive CRM User Adoption

In this post, the author highlights the importance of maintaining a positive culture during a CRM implementation project. Users often resist change and complain about new systems, which can hinder adoption and lead to negative outcomes. The author recommends using wish lists, which allow users to provide input on desired features and functionality, as a means to promote positivity and engagement. By involving the users in the process and listening to their feedback, they feel valued and heard, which leads to better adoption overall.

Therefore, instead of forcing users to accept a system they may not like, it is essential to create a positive culture and involve them in the process of shaping the system they will use. Through this approach, users become more invested in the success of the system, leading to increased adoption and better outcomes. By implementing wish lists, you can create a sense of ownership amongst users over the implementation process, which can ultimately lead to a more successful CRM implementation project.

If you're struggling to get users on board with a new CRM system, keep in mind the power of positivity and incorporating user feedback through wish lists for a better outcome.

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