Running Totals In Power BI Using DAX

Running Totals In Power BI Using DAX

If you want to analyze trends and patterns, calculating running totals in Power BI is often a more effective approach than just examining daily results. This tutorial delves into the process of using DAX formulas to implement running totals in your dashboards.

With a running total, you can gain a better understanding of how quantitative data behaves over time, whether you're tracking sales, expenses, or other metrics. In this example-driven tutorial, you'll learn the steps involved in implementing running totals, so you can leverage this powerful feature to deliver deeper insights to your audience.

If you prefer to watch the tutorial, a video is also available at the bottom of the blog post. So whether you're a Power BI novice or an experienced data analyst, this tutorial will enable you to master the art of calculating running totals using DAX formulas.

Link to the full tutorial: Running Totals in Power BI Using DAX.

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