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2 years ago

Service Principal in Power automate

Service principal decouples the flow from the user. So it removes the dependency between the flow and user. If user is inactive or deleted flo...

2 years ago

Microsoft 365 Developer account

Microsoft 365 devloper account will be avilable for 90 days and will be extended if you are using it. To create a developer account follow the...

2 years ago

2022 release wave 1 plan

Some of the features released as part of 2022 release wave plan 1. 1. Explore data through modern advanced find New entry point Advance table ...

2 years ago

Power Platform VS Code Extension

Public preview of the Power Platform Extension to VS Code was launched recently. In this blog will see some basic commands like Creating an au...

3 years ago

Debug vs Release Mode

So when I started plugin development I referred some blogs and videos then quickly started building plugins. Easy Peasy !! 🙂 In most of the b...

3 years ago

Why do we need to encode fetchXml

FetchXml are most commonly used to retrieve records and their attributes. But if we have just used plain fetchXml there are some test cases th...

3 years ago

Breaking Down CRM Rest builder Query.

Basic but needed – In this blog post i will break down the CRM rest builder query code line by line to help you understand what exactly ...

3 years ago
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