Dynamics 365 - Technical Functional Tips

T#13 Portal Impersonate

PowerApps "Portal Impersonate" is an xrmtoolbox new tool. It allows for developpers and functional consultants to easily investigate some...

2 years ago

T#11 Merge Duplicates: Newest options

Merge records by choosing fields with data, view fields with conflicting data, enable parent check, ... all you need to know about merging!

2 years ago

T#10 Generate Random Number PowerApps

I thought yesterday of creating a PowerApp to enjoy playing some games between colleagues at work! I will be posting soon both the...

4 years ago

T#9 Ask Alexa about your CRM Data

Have you ever wanted to ask Alexa about your current month's total sales? Or about the number of orders during the past month? Check out..

4 years ago
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