Microsoft Copilot / AI – A day in the life of a power platform developer

Microsoft Copilot / AI – A day in the life of a power platform developer

In this post, we get a glimpse into the transformative power of AI, specifically Microsoft Copilot, for Power Platform developers. The impact of AI has been significant, boosting productivity and simplifying processes. The post explores the ways in which Copilot has been used to improve various tasks such as message crafting, designing presentations, and creating solutions within Power Platform. The author's "Copilot - A day in the life of a developer” session sheds light on the potential of AI and emphasizes the importance of goal, context, source, and expectations in prompting. Despite the challenges, Copilot has proven to be a valuable tool for streamlining work and generating code, while still recognizing the crucial role that human ingenuity plays in the process.

If you're a Power Platform developer looking to take advantage of the latest technology to enhance your work, this post provides valuable insight into the power and potential of AI and Microsoft Copilot.

Check out the full post at https://mgrb.in/2024/05/16/microsoft-copilot-ai-a-day-in-the-life-of-a-power-platform-developer/ to learn more.

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