Cloud Security News, AI, Copilots and more: The Practical 365 Podcast S4 E16

Cloud Security News, AI, Copilots and more: The Practical 365 Podcast S4 E16

On Season 4, Episode 16 of the Practical 365 podcast, Steve Goodman and Rich Dean discuss various important topics in the Microsoft 365 world, as well as the recently concluded TEC Europe 2024 conference. One of the topics they discussed was the Entra ID Conditional Access changes, which are critical for anyone involved in cloud security. In addition, they dive into the Copilot for Security's general availability, which is a valuable tool for cloud security professionals. The podcast covers more interesting topics that will keep any Microsoft 365 enthusiast informed on the latest trends.

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The Practical 365 Podcast
The Practical 365 Podcast

The Practical 365 Podcast is a fortnightly newscast on all things Office 365 including Exchange, Microsoft Teams, and any hot topics that have been an industry highlight over the past couple weeks. Your hosts are Microsoft MVPs Steve Goodman and Paul Robichaux, who will share their expert opinions on the talk of the week, and Q&A with special guests.

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