Episode 492 - April News Roundup

Episode 492 - April News Roundup

In this episode, Evan and Sujit discuss the recent updates in the Azure space related to Networking, Open AI and even IBM mainframes. They cover a range of topics including the announcement of App service multi-plan subnet join, general availability of Azure logic apps connectors for IBM Mainframe and midranges, public preview of Azure OpenAI and AI search in-app connectors for logic apps standard, and much more. The podcast also includes a rundown of links to various Microsoft resources on these updates. One interesting resource is a blog post on how Azure high-performance computing is leading to developing amazing products at Microsoft Surface. Additionally, the podcast uses Azure OpenAI speech to create its intro and exit segments, demonstrating the capabilities of the Azure platform.

You can listen to the full episode through the Spotify link provided.

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The Azure Podcast

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